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Three Types of Material Generators


Worksheet and Puzzle Generators

Worksheet generators are useful in assisting students in the classroom.  One form of worksheet generator is handwriting worksheets.  Handwriting worksheets (Kidzone) are useful for children who are beginning to write.  They are also useful for students you have trouble with fine motor skills.  Puzzle makers are another form of generators.  These are useful for creating spelling words and practicing math skills.  I have used both of these generators in the classroom.

Individualized Education Program (IEP) Generators

As a special education teacher I use Individualized Education Program (IEP) Generators to help write IEP for my students.  Individualized Education Program Generators keep records of students individualized plans and recording a students progress.  They alert you of up coming dates that need to be addressed.

Test Generators and Rubric Generators

Test generators and rubric generators are tools that would help me serve my students better. Creating tests and assessments can be time consuming for a teacher.  Using these tools would free up time I could use for helping students and working on other projects.  Easy Test Maker and General Rubric Makers are online tools that I plan on trying out.


Web 2.0


For the Web 2.0 assignment I used Glogster EDU to create my Winter Wonderland Facts.  On I posted fun facts about my unit.  You will find two links that provide resources for my Winter Unit topic.  The video that I used is the book “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats, one of my favorite stories.   For my I used my own pictures to create  “Winter” by Sonya Snow.  I chose as my free choice.  On I created Allison and Snowy.  They provide information about my Winter Unit Study. My Concept Map will show you my Winter Unit Topic Outline.  I enjoyed doing this assignment.  It has given me many ideas that I can use in my classroom.  I look forward to my next assignment.

Should students play games (software) in School?


Today’s student’s do not know a life without some form of technology.  This can be a challenge to teachers when trying to hold a child’s attention.  They must come up with creative ways to engage children from day-to-day.  This dilemma leads teachers to think outside the box when it comes to teaching.  The question being asked is “Should students be allowed to play games (software) in school?”   I believe some games are beneficial if they have educational value. is an excellent resource to help children gain a better understanding of phonics. is another resource that children can use to develop mathematical skills.  However, I do not believe they should be used as a “babysitter” or used to occupy a child who is advanced  beyond her peers.  There should be a healthy balance.  Children should be encouraged to play outside or ride their bike.  They should be encouraged to sit in a quiet room reading, even if it is using their kindle.


I am currently enrolled in ED 505 at the University of West Alabama.  I am looking forward to learning how to use technology in my classroom.



My name is Sonya Snow. I currently teach Special Education in an inclusion classroom. My husband is a principal at a local high school.  I have a 19 year old daughter who attends Auburn University.  I enjoy reading and studying the bible.