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4 Apps You Can Use On Your Smartphone, IPod, or IPad


The app I have on my iphone that I like the best is the Kindle app.  With this app I have access to all my books on my phone.  This app can be used on an ipad also.  The Kindle app can be used in the classroom to access books for students.  It can also be connected to your smartboard, allowing you to read books to your class.  Another app I found that you can use on your iphone and ipad is Grammer Up.  This app has over 1,800 questions and 20 different categories.  Students can use this app to improve grammer skills. is an app that allows you to look up words on your iphone or ipad.  This app is a good resource for students to use when they are looking up vocabulary words.  Math Board for the iphone or ipad is a math app that allows students to work simple math problems.  Children who are in kindergarten can use this app successfully.  It encourages children to work the problem, not just guess the answer. Here are more educational apps for smartphones, ipads, and ipods.

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