Should students play games (software) in School?


Today’s student’s do not know a life without some form of technology.  This can be a challenge to teachers when trying to hold a child’s attention.  They must come up with creative ways to engage children from day-to-day.  This dilemma leads teachers to think outside the box when it comes to teaching.  The question being asked is “Should students be allowed to play games (software) in school?”   I believe some games are beneficial if they have educational value. is an excellent resource to help children gain a better understanding of phonics. is another resource that children can use to develop mathematical skills.  However, I do not believe they should be used as a “babysitter” or used to occupy a child who is advanced  beyond her peers.  There should be a healthy balance.  Children should be encouraged to play outside or ride their bike.  They should be encouraged to sit in a quiet room reading, even if it is using their kindle.


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